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CATIA computer-aided three-dimensional interactive application is a multi-platform software suite for computer-aided design (CAD), computer-aided manufacturing (CAM), computer-aided engineering (CAE), 3D modeling and Product lifecycle management (PLM).


  • Product Design & Styling: This product design program offers updated surface modeling abilities to industrial and transportation designers. The innovative designers can access the tools that help them achieve and explore fundamental ideas. It also supports a unique 3D sketching technology which helps the designers to import 2D sketches.
  • 3D Atmosphere: It has a built-in mutual 3D environment that allows the users to diligently take part in the design process anytime. The designs of the products can be accessed and viewed from the 3D dashboards. The designs can share their workings and enhance their designs by collaborating with different people around the globe.
  • Multidisciplinary Approach: It provides a multidisciplinary Approach for product designing and creation. It fulfills the specific requirements of several people to upgrade the concept, process, and development of new products.
  • Market Acceptance: It ensures that the engineers will be adaptive to the marketing rules and fundamentals and demands and on simultaneously reducing the product development cost.


  • It saves time and money. The software has built-in modification management abilities that help in automatic updates. This technique reduces the effect of changes in the manufacturing process. Through these automatic updates in the initial phase, the user saves his time as well as money without the need to restart the whole process from the beginning.
  • The geometric specifications of composite parts can make the creation of these parts complex, and it maximizes the risk of errors. But, It helps the user to control multiple part geometries. These include the core-stiffened parts as well.
  • Predict the behavior of parts with complex surfaces and allowing modifications where needed.

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