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Ansys Mechanical is a dynamic tool that has a complete range of analysis tools. Easy to Use, Multi-Purpose Tool. Dynamic, Integrated Platform. Persistent, Dependable, Accurate Solver Technology. Powerful Nonlinear and Linear Solvers.


  • Fast solvers: Mechanical Includes multiple solver technologies that run in parallel and scale efficiently. GPU technology can also be leveraged for additional parallel computing power.
  • Linear Dynamics: Modal, harmonic response, random vibration, and spectrum response (seismic or shock) can be solved with Mechanical.
  • Acoustics: Conduct acoustic simulations to better understand the vibroacoustic behavior of systems, with or without structural pre-loading. Though, pre-loading adds authenticity and allows for the simulation of self-weighted, fastened assembly and even squealing breaks.
  • Nonlinearities: In addition to the linear response, users can simulate the behavior of elastic materials as they undergo plastic or even hyperelastic deformation materials like metals and rubber. Viscoelastic response can also be simulated. Nonlinear simulation within Ansys Mechanical also takes into account contact and large deflection of moving parts relative to each other, with or without friction. These capabilities are robust in static or time-domain transient simulations.
  • Thermal and Heat Transfer: Robust steady-state and transient thermal capabilities are included with all levels of Mechanical licenses. Heat transfer via conduction, convection, and radiation are supported. Thermal loading can also be readily transferred from Ansys’ CFD and electromagnetics solvers to Mechanical.
  • Fatigue and Fracture: Extensive fatigue life and damage calculation capabilities are readily available in Ansys Mechanical. Combining fatigue life and fracture mechanic methods allows users to effectively predict the service life of their products and avoid costly warranty issues.
  • Fluid-Structure Interaction: Predict fluid-solid interactions accurately using pressure and/or heat transfer. As the fluid-structure interaction grows and the problem requires a more extensive analysis, Ansys Mechanical has automated, easy-to-use solutions for both one-way and two-way coupling to Ansys Fluent and Ansys CFX.

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